SpartaDEX: The beginning

4 min readMar 31, 2023


A few words about NFT collections, Whitelists and Roles

In this article you’ll find out:

  • All you need to know about our Whitelists
  • What type of NFT will you find in the SpartaDEX ecosystem?
  • All about the Spartans NFT mint and its rules
  • What is the benefit of holding the Spartans NFT?

Warrior! Recent buzz around SpartaDEX has been quite intense as there is a lot going on. New information is coming out all the time, and when you read this, the official testnet will probably start in a few days. We are aware that the multitude of information, projects and campaigns can be a bit confusing, so in this article we will try to explain in a simple way all the nuances related to the launch of the first gamified exchange on Arbitrum.

A few days ago, we opened the Crew3 campaign where you could get a WL spot for the Spartans NFT mint and due to overwhelming demand we closed 5,000 entries in less than 15 hours. Yesterday, another campaign started, this time on Galxe. In which, by completing all of the tasks you will be able to claim collectible POAP and also receive a whitelist spot for the SpartaDEX Testnet.

Let us explain briefly what it’s all about and why you really want both of them.

Spartans — the best among the best

Earning a place on the whitelist is usually a reward for your commitment and support of the project at an early stage of its development. In SpartaDEX case, there are several such whitelists. We want their purpose to be clear to our community.

  • Spartans NFT Collection Whitelist — The Crew3 Campaign, which aimed to reward 5,300 fastest members of the community with a whitelist spot to mint unique NFTs from the Spartans collection. The mint will take place on April 5th, and you can read more about it in the following paragraphs
  • SpartaDEX Testnet Path — The second campaign, this time hosted on Galxe, is a pass to participating in the official SpartaDEX testnet, which will be launched on April 4th. By completing quests in the campaign, you will also receive POAPs, which, although they only have a collector’s value, are also a nice and interesting addition to the mission.
  • Elders Council — a campaign on the Discord platform aiming to select the 28 most engaged members of the SpartaDEX community. People who are willing to take the challenge will be invited to a separate channel, where they will have to demonstrate their engagement in spreading the word about the project. (THIS ONE IS NOT LIVE YET)

Each of these whitelists has a different purpose and offers different perks for your spot on it.

NFT properly implemented

If you’ve been following us from the beginning, you’re probably already familiar with Polis NFT. However, this is not the only type of NFT that we have implemented in the SpartaDEX ecosystem. Now we can shine some light on what we were working on behind the scenes. The Spartans NFT Collection, which the aforementioned mint will take place in a few days. What’s the difference between them and why are Spartans so unique and crucial for whole SpartaDEX?

In simple terms, Polis NFT is your precious land, the city that you upgrade by playing the game, and Spartans NFT is your mighty hero — more below.

  • Spartans NFT — the crucial collection, playing the key role in the SpartaDEX, which is not a single project, but will become the full ecosystem. The full capabilities and benefits of the collection will be unveiled gradually as additional protocol functionalities are implemented. The role of the Spartans can’t be overestimated. The lucky community members who will be in possession of the Spartan will be additionally rewarded with a $SPARTA (NOT LIVE YET) drop at the launch of our DEX. April will be the month of uncovering the mysteries and huge utilities of this collection.
  • Polis NFT — on the other hand, is a free-to-mint NFT representing your Polis and its current level. It serves as a means of storing all of your SpartaDEX game progress. Polis development is accomplished by contributing liquidity to the DEX protocol, gaining experience, and regularly participating in the game.

Brace yourself Spartan, the mint day is coming

On April 5 at 5:00PM (UTC) we will open the gates to Spartans NFT mint for all whitelisted community members on our dedicated minting page:

The total supply of the collection is 5555 NFTs, of which 5300 is supposed to be minted by the community, and 255 will be retained in the SpartaDex’s treasury.

Spartans NFT will have different levels of rarity — Hoplite, Spartan and God, although the traits will be revealed on a later stage.

Key details regarding the minting process are as follows:

  • Network: Arbitrum
  • NFT supply: 5555 (Community: 5300, Treasury: 255)
  • Type: First-come-first-serve
  • Whitelist eligibility: 3 NFTs
  • WL phase minting window: 5th of April, 5:00PM — 9:00PM (UTC)
  • Public phase minting window: 5th of April, 9:00 PM — 6th of April, 9:00 PM (UTC)
  • Minting cost:
    — WL: 0.06 ETH
    — Public: 0.075 ETH

Unminted NFTs will be burned!

Bookmark the page below, that’s where you will be able to mint your unique NFT on April 5th!