Be one of the first Spartans — SpartaDEX Testnet is now live!

6 min readApr 4, 2023


Greetings esteemed warrior! You possess the ability to join the elite Spartan troops who fearlessly charge into the forefront to explore uncharted territories, tackle challenges, and boldly unravel the mysteries of Greece. As the leader of the Polis, you have the opportunity to be in charge of the ancient Greek city’s development, military prowess, and prosperity.

Today we make history as we are launching the official SpartaDEX testnet.

Remember, this is just the very first version of our product. Let’s see what you can find in here:

  • Connecting wallet
  • Minting NFT of the Polis
  • Token swaps
  • Adding liquidity
  • Staking liquidity
  • Staking NFT of the Polis
  • Claiming rewards
  • Staking $SPARTA tokens in SAS
  • Upgrading buildings (the progress will be saved in your NFT)
  • Gathering resources necessary to upgrade buildings
  • Really cool sounds and music
  • Two modes (DEX/GAME): one for Spartans and one for just DEX users

We’ve decided to speed up the time of the building upgrades as well as increase base resource production for the purpose of the Testnet. Now, you have a chance to level your Polis up to 50th level, which is a maximum level for now.

We wonder if there is anyone who will take the challenge of maxing it out. There might be something waiting for such heroes at TGE.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can’t find on our DEX right now, but will be shipped on Mainnet:

  • Recruiting units in the Barracks (Yes, Minotaurs and Centaurs also!)
  • Attacking Barbarian Camp and gathering fragments of the Map
  • Minting Map NFT and taking part in the raffle
  • Conducting researches in the Academy
  • Claiming resources from production buildings
  • Purchasing Gems
  • Speeding up building upgrades and units recruitment
  • Purchasing resources
  • Receiving EXP points necessary to upgrade the Senate level based on amount of liquidity provided
  • Adding pro renders to view in each building

Later on, we will implement multiplayer mode so you could prove that you are the best among the best!

This early version of the first gamified cryptocurrency exchange will allow you to check its interface and gameplay. While the features currently available are only a small portion of what the finished product will offer, it is obvious that we begin testing from the ground up. In the upcoming weeks, we will be adding more functionalities and elements to the testnet.

The SpartaDEX trial is being launched on Polygon Mumbai network and can be accessed by connecting the application to Metamask or any other wallet that supports this network.

Let us remind you that we are launching testnet on Mumbai. We’ve made such a decision, because Arbitrum doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of test $ETH to meet the demand from users who wanted to try SpartaDEX out. On the other hand, Mumbai gives us a chance to open our product for a broader community and let thousands of users to test it.

Of course, SpartaDEX will launch its mainnet on Arbitrum.

What are these tests for? Gib me mainnet now!

As a team of perfectionists, we strive to introduce innovative and unprecedented solutions to the market that are flawlessly executed. With more than a month remaining until our planned public release date, we intend to utilize this time effectively, so that what you experience and engage with in May will exceed your expectations.

For this reason, we are providing a beta testnet version of SpartaDEX to our community, allowing you to explore the game, test the most important features, navigate various options, and provide us with your priceless feedback. We are committed to carefully consider all of your suggestions, fixes, and proposed improvements.

How to start?

The first thing that needs to be done before using the testnet is to add Polygon Mumbai Testnet to your Metamask:

Visit type “mumbai” and check “include testnet”
Choose “Mumbai” and add it to Metamask.

Now is the time to claim test tokens. This operation consists of two steps:

  • obtaining test $MATIC tokens on the Polygon Mumbai network

You can do that using one of several available faucets. Our recommendation is:

which gives you 0.5 $MATIC every 24h. That amount is sufficient to try out the testnet to the fulliest.

  • obtaining test tokens for swaps and adding liquidity

For this purpose, we have prepared a dedicated faucet from which you can claim the tokens:

You can access the testnet from the following link:

After entering the testnet page, you will see this beautiful view. That’s the main SpartaDEX screen showing your polis and a side menu with quick, alternative access to each of the buildings. At the top of which you can also see the switching button between two modes: Game and DEX. Currently connected wallet and a network can be seen in the lower part of the menu.

If this is your first time interacting with SpartaDEX, clicking on any building will bring up a pop-up window saying you haven’t minted your polis yet. You can do it now and start playing, or just use only the decentralized exchange features.

Now you can choose the polis you want to play with or create a new one.

At the beginning, your task will be to upgrade all of the buildings from level 0 to level 1. Such operation requires resources, and lasts certain amount of time. Both resources and upgrading time will increase with each level.

The Senate is a unique building which upgrade additionally require all of the other buildings to be at least on the same level as the Senate. Its level determines the APR from LP staking.


The main function of the DEX is token swapping. The principle of operation is the same as on all decentralized exchanges. Select the token you own and the token you want to acquire, choose the amount, confirm the transaction and that’s all. You can also adjust the slippage.

Liquidity providing

In the Senate, you can manage your liquidity pools. Information about the current boost to the APR (depending on the level of the Senate) is provided here. There is also a list of available liquidity pools with distinguished whitelisted ones (offering additional incentives in the mainnet version).

You can go into the details of any pool by clicking on one of them. Below you can see information about the selected liquidity pool, and you have the option to add, stake or remove your liquidity.

Single Asset Staking

This is the Single Asset Staking management window, accesible through the Senate building. You can stake your $SPARTA tokens here and start earning rewards, which you can also here.

Our goal is to launch the mainnet in May 2023, but in the meantime, we invite you to join our testnet and let yourself be taken on a journey through the creation of the very first fully gamified decentralized cryptocurrency exchange! Participation in the testnet and the feedback provided are the greatest support for the team.

Remember, Spartans are men of honor who value sacrifice the most and reward it accordingly!

Give us a follow. We can assure you that you do not want to miss out on the things that are coming: