SpartaDEX is a combination of real-time strategy game set in the realities of ancient Greece and a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on Arbitrum blockchain.

We called it a gamified DEX.

The main goal is to provide the exchange with user engagement known from video games, which builds loyalty and consistency in providing liquidity.


Brace yourself warrior, Sparta is calling!

Behold, mighty warrior! The ancient land of Sparta calls you to become its war leader and governor of Polis - an ancient city-state in Greece. With the fate of the entire land in your hands, your destiny lies in making decisions that will shape the course of history.

Lead your Polis to greatness, managing its natural resources, constructing awe-inspiring infrastructure, and honing your war technology to perfection. Forge a powerful army that will strike fear into the hearts of all enemy tribes, and defend your people with unbreakable courage. But fear not, for your tireless efforts and strong determination shall not be in vain. Loyalty and commitment is transformed into successive levels of experience that gradually build a boost to your APY from asset staking.

Play, earn Real Yield and... have minotaurs by your side!

Behold, such things are possible only in the mighty land of SpartaDEX!